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September's Newsletter

Aloha to the month of September. In Hawaiian we say kepakemapa (kay-pah-kay-mah-pah). This month we will be busy with our preparation for PIFA, but in the meantime enjoy our newsletter. Our music director won Mr. Heiva and Ho'ike was filled with many wonderful moments. 


Mr. Heiva

Our very own music director, Anthony Kauka Stanley, has won the title of Mr. Heiva San Diego. At the competition Anthony got to showcase his musical talent, his cultural fashion, and his love for the Tahitian dance. We are so proud of Anthony as he will get to travel to Tahiti to learn and make more connections.


Ho'ike 2023

Mana - The Power Within

“MANA – The Power Within,” is a spectacular Polynesian production celebrating the 56th Anniversary of Healiʻi’s Polynesian Revue. Join Mana as he is transported back to ancient Polynesia where he discovers the true wisdom, respect, strength and love of his ancestors.

Burnt Orange Retro Summer Party Flyer.jpg

Vendors Start at 1:30pm

Show Time 2:30pm

Ho'ike 2023

Ho'ike 2023, titled "Mana", was such a beautiful performance. Seeing everyone work together to make this performance possible really put into perspective how blessed our Heali'i Ohana truly is. More to come... but here are some beautiful moments that were captured before the show.

Ho'ike Sponsors

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Meta Quest & Heali'i's

If you own the Meta Quest 2, you can join Heali'i's on the Meta Horizon app. Here at "Heali'i Island" you can play music, drum, dance, and explore the island while taking selfies. 

Upcoming Events

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